The Ibis Head Review

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

March Issue: November 1st - January 31st
June Issue: February 1st - April 30th
September Issue: May 1st - July 31st
December Issue: August 1st - October 31st

Send no more than 3 poems per submission. If more than 3 poems are submitted, only the first three will be read & considered for publication.

We require a short (50 words max), third person bio that includes your name (pen name if applicable) & a little bit about yourself. No formal cover letters are required.

All submissions should be in 12pt Times New Roman font, left-justified, single-spaced, with an extra space between stanzas. Also, be sure to submit your pieces exactly how you want them to appear in the journal, and include your name and the number of pieces submitted in the filename, as well as the submission title (preferred example: Jane Doe /3).

​If your piece isn't accepted, please feel free to submit again to another issue.

The editor(s) aim to reply before the end of the reading period in which you submitted your work. However, as submission volume increases, this will become less of a guarantee.

Submissions must be original work, & you must own all rights. Only unpublished works—including websites, social media, & personal blogs—will be accepted for publication. T.I.H.R. will not do an investigation to see whether or not the work has been published elsewhere; we simply trust that you will be honest in your submission.

Whilst the owner of the work retains copyright upon publication, you agree to grant The Ibis Head Review First Serial North American Rights, as well as electronic archival rights. You also agree that if the work is published subsequently (online or in print), explicit credit to The Ibis Head Review is given.

As of now, The Ibis Head Review is unable to pay contributors for their work, 
although we strive to reach a place where we can financially compensate writers for their work.

The Ibis Head Review